Our Telecom Networking Solutions

We offer the following telecom networking solutions to our clients to provide an effective, turn-key service for the deployment of fibre optic broadband.

Fibre Optic Cable Blowing and Splicing

Blown fibre provides a simple solution to increasing and changing network demands. This rapid deployment method allows optical networks to adapt to business requirements with minimum disruption. We use state of the art equipment and procedures to blow fibre cable into pre-installed tubes, from end to end using compressed air. This gives our clients a flexible and cost effective way of future proofing their networks.


Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP)

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) is a connectivity technology that is based on fibre optic cable being in place all the way from the local telephone exchange to the business or home location. As it is pure fibre and doesn’t involve copper telephone wires FTTP is is up to 40 times faster than copper based broadband. It can deliver lightening internet speeds and provides a more reliable and stable internet connection. Our aim is to make FTTP accessible to everyone. We deploy passive optical networks (PON) to supply both domestic and commercial end users with fibre optic networks.

Fibre Circuit Testing and Reporting

Testing is an essential part of fibre optic installation and on-going maintenance. Regular testing of fibre circuits helps to ensure quality service to end customers and protects network investment. We offer a complete range of fibre test solutions including certification, inspection and reporting.

Tree Surgery

Trees can be problematic to effective installation, maintenance and performance of fibre optic networks. Our in-house tree surgery facility means we can offer our clients a turnkey solution, enabling us to deploy fibre through routes that are lined with trees by clearing a path to build the network. We also offer a reactive maintenance service for fibre or copper routes that have been impacted by the growth of trees.


Overhead Fibre Routes

The installation of an overhead fibre route is often a more convenient solution to delivering fibre optic broadband to homes. Overhead cables already exist to carry power to properties from electricity sub stations and these can often be used to carry broadband connectivity too. The lower installation cost involved makes this a cost effective alternative to underground cables. We can provide a consultative solution for overhead fibre routes by advising clients and drawing out plans for the most effective delivery.

Jet De-Silting

Removing silt from underground bores without damaging the existing cable network is essential in civil avoidance and allows us to install more fibre optic cables to provide high speed broadband to homes and businesses. We use specialist jetting equipment to remove silt and debris from cables up to 300m in length as part of our turnkey fibre optic delivery service.

Civils & Cabling

We undertake all elements of minor civil works required for the installation of fibre to premises. Our civil and cabling services include excavation, trench digging, cable laying and reinstatement; working with all surface types. Our teams have the necessary qualifications, experience and specialist machinery to deliver civil and cabling solutions safely, on-time and within budget.

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